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Breaking–Florida Supreme Court won’t block DeSantis redistricting map

The Florida Supreme Court has declined to block the state’s new congressional map on the ground that it lacks jurisdiction. The congressional map that will go into effect is the one backed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and previously struck down, in part, on the ground that it diminished the voting rights of African Americans. One Justice (LaBarga) wrote a dissent. Axios summarizes the litigation.

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“NC judges won’t block primary election preparation over redistricting cases”

News and Observer

The three-judge panel in North Carolina charged with reviewing the challenge to the state’s new maps refused today to grant a preliminary injunction blocking the congressional and legislative maps approved last month . The decision can and is being appealed. And the case will proceed to the merits. The full article by Brian Murphy is worth the read for a quick take on North Carolina’s precedent on partisan gerrymandering.

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