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“North Carolina Republicans pitch Congress maps that could help them pick up 3 or 4 seats next year”

AP: The North Carolina Senate’s redistricting committee has proposed two new maps for the state’s congressional districts. Both are significantly more favorable to Republicans. Currently the state’s congressional seats are split between the two parties. The proposed maps favor Republicans with either 10 or 11 of the 14 seats. Redistricting legislation approved by the General Assembly is not subject to a gubernatorial veto under North Carolina’s constitution. The State Supreme Court has also ruled that the constitution does not forbid partisan gerrymanders. North Carolina hopes to put new maps in place by the end of the month.

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With Florida’s Maps in Place, 2022 Redistricting Cycle Basically Done

N.Y. Times offers this summary of the 2022 redistricting cycle. Key points:

  • Litigation over congressional maps continues, but it is unlikely to change the maps before November.
  • This redistricting cycle “has created a much less competitive House map than before.”
  • The Democrats may “have come out of the map-drawing battles in slightly better shape than before they began,” but it is debatable and the political winds do not favor their capturing that advantage.
  • Florida’s new map “dismantles a congressional district held by Representative Al Lawson, a Black Democrat, and strongly boosts Republican odds of capturing other competitive House seats,” and may or may not violate the State’s constitution. A lower court held it did.
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Breaking–Florida Supreme Court won’t block DeSantis redistricting map

The Florida Supreme Court has declined to block the state’s new congressional map on the ground that it lacks jurisdiction. The congressional map that will go into effect is the one backed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and previously struck down, in part, on the ground that it diminished the voting rights of African Americans. One Justice (LaBarga) wrote a dissent. Axios summarizes the litigation.

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