June 22, 2009

More NAMUDNO Commentary

Bruce Ackerman

Gerry Hebert (whom I used to call the "Bailout King," but whom I will now refer to as "The Anomaly" (see Thomas, J. concurrence, fn. 1)

Walter Dellinger, Linda Greenhouse, and Dahlia Lithwick (Slate's "The Breakfast Table")

NPR (and here)



Senator Schumer, via email: "This 8-1 decision brings a sigh of relief to those of us who are advocates for the Voting Rights Act. There are still some states and localities that continue to actively seek to deter people from voting, and to have struck down the protections in this law would have been a grave mistake. The Supreme Court was right to avoid it."

I have not received any press releases yet from conservatives who supported the challengers in this case. Do they (publicly at least) hail this as a victory?

Three minor errors in the case. One, which a reader pointed out, is referring to Sheffield as involving a Texas city rather than an Alabama political subdivision. Second, a blog post (which I can't find right now) said that Justice Thomas misspelled the Georgia governor's name in his concurrence. Third, in something sure to bother Dan Lowenstein (who is now lucky enough not to have to edit cases for our annual casebook supplement), Chief Justice Roberts treated the word "data" as singular, as in "The statute's coverage formula is based on data that is now more than 35 years old..."

More to come.

Posted by Rick Hasen at June 22, 2009 05:29 PM