July 11, 2008

von Spakovsky on Non-Citizen Voting

Hans von Spakovsky has written this piece for the National Review and a longer memorandum on the same subject that appears on the Heritage Foundation site. Here's an excerpt from the Heritage memo:

Thousands of non-citizens are registered to vote in some states, and tens if not hundreds of thousands in total may be present on the voter rolls nationwide. These numbers are significant: Local elections are often decided by only a handful of votes, and even national elections have likely been within the margin of the number of non-citizens illegally registered to vote.

Yet there is no reliable method to determine the number of non-citizens registered or actually voting because most laws to ensure that only citizens vote are ignored, are inadequate, or are systematically undermined by government officials. Those who ignore the implications of non-citizen registration and voting either are willfully blind to the problem or may actually favor this form of illegal voting.

These are strong accusations, ones that are sure to attract attention and likely to provoke a response. While I'm skeptical that many noncitizens illegally vote in U.S. elections, those interested in probing the question further can examine the authorities cited in von Spakovsky's memo and judge for themselves.

Posted by tokajid at July 11, 2008 01:39 PM