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“How Republicans Undermined Ex-Felon Voting Rights in Florida: It’s a cautionary tale about the messy process of citizen-led ballot initiatives and how a dominant political party can exert its power”

NYT: When voters passed the referendum, known as Amendment 4, civil rights groups celebrated what was billed as a potentially game-changing expansion of the electorate in the nation’s biggest battleground state. White people like Mr. Gruver represent a majority… Continue reading

Breaking: Divided 11th Circuit, Sitting En Banc, Upholds Florida Law Making It Harder for Ex Felons To Vote without Acknowledging That Some Ex-Felons Do Not Know How Much They Owe in Fees and Fines

You can find the 200 pages of opinions and rulings at this link. From one of the dissents (Judge Martin): Second, even if a returning citizen is able to determine his original LFO obligation, then “[d]etermining the amount that has… Continue reading

Two Trump-Appointed 11th Circuit Judges Who Sat on Florida Supreme Court When It Heard Oral Argument Over Meaning of Florida Disenfranchisement Amendment Won’t Recuse in Disenfranchisement Case Current Before the 11th Circuit

Here is the order. The judges left the Florida court before it issued the opinion, and the judges claim that the cases are not related enough to merit recusal. Mark Joseph Stern made the case earlier that this is wrong:… Continue reading

Breaking: Supreme Court, on Divided Vote, Refuses to Vacate Stay in Florida Felon Reenfranchisement Case, Meaning Potentially Hundreds of Thousands of Former Felons Reenfranchised by Florida Voters Won’t Get to Vote in November

With at least three of the Court’s four liberal Justices dissenting, the Supreme Court refused to intervene in a case involving Florida felon voting rights, with big implications for voting in November. The procedural path of this case is complex,… Continue reading

Breaking: Voting Rights Advocates File Emergency Petition in Supreme Court to Reinstate Florida District Court Order Blocking State Law Preventing Reenfranchisement of Felons

From the emergency petition: The district court’s permanent injunction—accompanied by a 125-page opinion of factual findings and legal analysis—remedied the State’s chaotic, unconstitutional pay-to-vote system, relying upon systems and procedures the State already employs. But in a one-sentence order… Continue reading