The Assassination Attempt Against Former President Trump

Yesterday’s horrifying attack injured former President Trump (though thankfully, he’s said to be okay), killed one rally attendee, and left at least two people critically injured. As the NYT editorializes: “Violence is antithetical to democracy. Ballots, not bullets, should always be the means by which Americans work through their differences.” Yet a recent survey by Professor Robert Pape of University of Chicago found that 10% of American adults thought the “use of force is justified to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president,” while 7% “support force to restore Trump to the presidency.” Threats to state and local officeholders and to election officials have also risen.

I hope that this is the last instance of political violence in this election year. But I fear it won’t be.

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Republican Plans for Election 2024

NYT has this lengthy story on pre-election and post-election strategy. It begins: “The Republican Party and its conservative allies are engaged in an unprecedented legal campaign targeting the American voting system. Their wide-ranging and methodical effort is laying the groundwork to contest an election that they argue, falsely, is already being rigged against former President Donald J. Trump.”

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“Inside Ziklag, the Secret Organization of Wealthy Christians Trying to Sway the Election and Change the Country”

From ProPublica:

A network of ultrawealthy Christian donors is spending nearly $12 million to mobilize Republican-leaning voters and purge more than a million people from the rolls in key swing states, aiming to tilt the 2024 election in favor of former President Donald Trump.

These previously unreported plans are the work of a group named Ziklag, a little-known charity whose donors have included some of the wealthiest conservative Christian families in the nation, including the billionaire Uihlein family, who made a fortune in office supplies, the Greens, who run Hobby Lobby, and the Wallers, who own the Jockey apparel corporation. Recipients of Ziklag’s largesse include Alliance Defending Freedom, which is the Christian legal group that led the overturning of Roe v. Wade, plus the national pro-Trump group Turning Point USA and a constellation of right-of-center advocacy groups.

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