Antrim, Michigan Hand Recount Confirms Accuracy of Machine Recount, with 12-Vote Gain for Trump

Detroit News:

An audit of Antrim County election results Thursday gave President Donald Trump a net gain of 12 votes from the certified results in the northern Michigan county. 

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s total decreased by one vote, from 5,960 to 5,959, while Trump’s increased 11 votes, from 9,748 to 9,759, according to preliminary results from the county’s more than 7-hour, livestreamed audit. Biden won the state of Michigan by more than 154,000 votes on Nov. 3, according to certified results. 

Third-party presidential candidates in Antrim County were off by zero to one vote compared with certified results. 

“This is very typical of what we find in a hand-count of ballots,” said Lori Bourbonais, with the Michigan Department of State. “It is normal to find one or two votes in a precinct that differ between a hand tally and machine count.”

The reliably Republican County has been the center of controversy in the weeks since the election after initial results posted in the early morning hours of Nov. 4 showed Biden ahead of Trump by thousands of votes. Election officials later determined a clerk’s failure to properly update software had resulted in transposed results and Trump actually won the county by more than 3,700 votes. Your stories live here.Fuel your hometown passion and plug into the stories that define it.

But the error triggered a series of unproven fraud allegations regarding Dominion Voting Systems, which Antrim County and 47 other Michigan counties use in elections.

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