Monthly Archives: September 2011

“Democracy 21 and Campaign Legal Center Challenge Tax-Exempt Status of Groups Engaged in Campaign Activities, Urge Prompt Investigations and Action by IRS”

Press release: “Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center sent a letter today to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) challenging the eligibility of four organizations engaged in campaign activity to be treated as 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations. Democracy 21 took the lead in preparing the IRS letter.”

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Why Did Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas Change His Vote and Approve a Redistricting Plan for LA County without a Second Majority Latino District?

He probably thought he’d have better luck getting the courts to create such a district when MALDEF challenges the Knabe plan than rolling the dice on a districting plan by LA Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, Sheriff Lee Baca and Assessor John Noguez.

I expect the Voting Rights Act section 2 litigation to be quite hard fought and the outcome controversial.  Though redistricting often flies below the radar, this case will go to the very essence of political representation and race in Los Angeles county.

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