November 02, 2004

News Roundup

A.P. offers this report, which begins: "SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A federal judge partially granted Democratic U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle's request to limit the activities of Republican poll watchers, after he accused his opponent and the GOP of intimidating American Indian voters."

A.P. also has this early report on minor polling place problems.

Howard Bashman links to major news stories on election day legal issues (including a number of now outdated stories on the Sixth Circuit Ohio rulings) here, here, and here. In addition to the stories from this morning that Howard links to, here are some more:

Professor John Nagle (Correction:This oped was written by Robert Nagel of the University of Colorado, not John Nagle of Notre Dame) has an oped in today's Wall Street Journal, Law Professors are Bad for Democracy (this link is not working for me; it may work for you---thanks to Steven Sholk for passing it along). has a number of election-law related articles posted here.

The Hill offers House Readies for 269-269; GOP Ponders Rule Change in Case the Electoral College Ends Up Dead Even.

Marc Mauer and Roger Clegg debate felon disenfranchisement this week here at Legal Affairs.

The Boston Herald offers Most Hoped-for Outcome? A Winner.

The New York Sun offers Hail of Election Writs Descends on Ohio.

Doonesbury weighs in on the armies of lawyers here.

Jack Kemp writes Election Law Armistice.

Andrew Cohen writes Recount Redux?.

The Dallas Morning News offers With finish line in sight, anxiety grows about declaring a winner.

The Globe and Mail (Canada) offers In two key states, they're girding for 2000-style ballot chaos.

The Denver Post offers Election Chief Leaves State.

Electionline has set up this special page with frequent updates to news stories on voting issues. Findlaw has set up this page and Jurist has this page. Howard Bashman covers appellate developments here. This of course is in addition to the usual election law coverage here, and at other blogs: Ed Still's Votelaw, Dan Tokaji's Equal Vote, and OSU's site.

Posted by Rick Hasen at November 2, 2004 08:17 AM