June 27, 2005

Repository of Election Law Teaching Materials

There has been some interest in creating a repository of election law materials. I will begin by posting my own materials and will add others here as other instructors send them to me. You will be able to access the most updated version of this post by clicking on the link to "Repository of Election Law Teaching Materials" on the right side of this blog under "Election Law Resources."

Some documents may be protected by a password at the request of the instructor. The password I will use on request is the same password as used for the election law addressbook. You can send me an e-mail for the password (election law instructors only, please). If you are an instructor wishing to add materials to be linked on this page, please send me your materials. Let me know whether or not you want the materials protected by a password, and if so, make sure you send Word documents. My own documents are not password protected.


Doug Chapin:
Spring 2005 syllabus

Heather Gerken:
Spring 2001 exam
Spring 2002 exam
Spring 2003 exam
Spring 2003 syllabus

Rick Hasen:
Spring 2004 essay questions
Spring 2005 syllabus
Spring 2005 essay questions

Sam Issacharoff:
Spring 2005 exam

Pam Karlan:
Fall 1992 exam
Fall 1996 exam
Fall 1997 exam
Spring 1999 exam
Spring 2001 exam
Spring 2002 exam

Nate Persily:
Spring 2001 exam (answer)
Fall 2001 exam (answer) (student answer)
Spring 2003 exam
Spring 2004 exam

Rick Pildes:
Spring 1999 exam
Spring 2000 exam
Spring 2001
Spring 2002 exam

More to come.

Posted by Rick Hasen at June 27, 2005 02:10 PM