Were the Liberal Justices Savvy or Suckers in the NAMUDNO Voting Rights Case Leading to the Shelby County Case Overturning a Key Part of the Voting Rights Act? New Inside Information from Judge Tatel Shows They Were Suckers

Before there was Shelby County there was NAMUDNO, a case that punted on the constitutionality of a key part of the Voting Rights Act in an almost unanimous opinion. I wrote in the Supreme Court Review in 2009 that the… Continue reading

E.J. Dionne WaPo Column Discusses the Threats to Voting Rights, and the Need for a Constitutional Amendment Protecting the Right to Vote (Citing My Upcoming Book, “A Real Right to Vote”)

E.J. Dionne WaPo column: In his decision in Shelby, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. claimed that even without a strong Section 4, the Voting Rights Act bans discrimination under Section 2, which “is permanent, applies nationwide, and is not… Continue reading