Judge Recommends John Eastman Be Disbarred, and Pay a Sanction of $10,000, for His Conduct Seeking to Subvert the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

From the 128-page opinion: As an initial matter, the court rejects Eastman’s contention that this disciplinary proceeding and Eastman’s resultant discipline is motivated by his political views or his representation of President Trump or President Trump’s Campaign. Rather, Eastman’s… Continue reading

Breaking: “Colorado judge rules Trump ‘engaged in an insurrection’ — but can still run for president”; Thoughts on What It Means and What’s Next

Politico: A Colorado judge has turned away a challenge looking to disqualify former President Donald Trump from running for president under an interpretation of the 14th Amendment that argued he engaged in insurrection against the United States on Jan. 6,… Continue reading

John Eastman Claims, Without Evidence, That a Cover Up is Preventing the Production of More Evidence of Voter Fraud from 2020 Election

From a “60 Minutes” interview: Scott Pelley: You said 2500 convicts, the investigation found four. You said 10,000 dead voters, the investigation found four. It doesn’t seem like you knew what you were talking about. John Eastman: You’ve now mischaracterized… Continue reading