John Eastman Claims, Without Evidence, That a Cover Up is Preventing the Production of More Evidence of Voter Fraud from 2020 Election

From a “60 Minutes” interview:

Scott Pelley: You said 2500 convicts, the investigation found four. You said 10,000 dead voters, the investigation found four. It doesn’t seem like you knew what you were talking about.

John Eastman: You’ve now mischaracterized my testimony and I’m not looking to let you get away with that. Uh, but they were based on the expert analysis. And it didn’t say 2,500 felons voted. It said, “as many as.” It acknowledged the limitation of the data they had. And the analysis that was conducted, contrary analysis that was provide by the secretary of state, was simply a press conference. I’d love to see the data and we will adjust the numbers as the complaint that was filed the next day said we would once we got the additional data. 

Scott Pelley: Too late to adjust the numbers now. You’ve already testified to the legislature, and there’s a big difference between as many as 2,500 and the actual number of four.

John Eastman: Well, we don’t know the actual number is four because the secretary of state has declined to give us the information on which that analysis was based.

We wondered, if Eastman believes there’s so much evidence, why has no state reported fraud that would overturn its election result. 

John Eastman: I think we are quickly, um, turning into a country where there’s the pro-government party, or the Uni party, one might euphemistically call it. Uh, and folks that are concerned about the direction our country is going, the MAGA movement, the tea party movement before that if you will and the folks in those government offices tend to be on the one side of that dispute rather than the other.

Scott Pelley: And you say they’re covering it up.

John Eastman: Well, certainly they’re not investigating it to the level I think the evidence warrants.

Further investigation was pursued — by Georgia prosecutors. a grand jury indicted 19 defendants, including the former president, alleging a conspiracy to overturn the election, including false statements “…to persuade Georgia legislators to reject lawful electoral votes…” 

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