Big snafu in LA: “118,522 voters accidentally left off Los Angeles County polling place rosters”


If you are a registered voter in Los Angeles County and poll workers say they can’t find your name on the roster at the polling place when you go to vote, don’t worry — you can still cast a provisional ballot.

Some Angelenos needed a bit of reassurance that their votes would be counted in Tuesday’s primary election after 118,522 voters’ names were accidentally left off rosters due to a printing error, according to L.A. County Registrar Dean C. Logan.

About 2.3% of L.A. County’s 5.1 million registered voters and 35% of the county’s 4,357 precincts were affected by the error, according to figures provided by the registrar-recorder/county clerk’s office, which was still trying to determine the reason for the printing error. Voters whose names are missing are being encouraged to file provisional ballots, which are verified by vote counters later.


Dean Logan press release:

Our office is working to determine the root cause of the problem, which arose when some data was not included in the printed lists. Meanwhile, poll workers at all locations have been instructed to make sure that every voter whose name does not appear on the roster is issued a provisional ballot, and to inform the voters that their ballot will be counted.

Is there any evidence people have been turned away from the polls? Anyone not in the poll book must be offered a provisional ballot to vote.

As bad as snafu is in LA County with 118,000 voters missing from rolls, had this happened in OC we’d be talking about national implications for House. We’ll need a full accounting from of (1) how error happened and (2) how many folks not offered provisionals.

Second UPDATE: Villaraigosa calls for extending election day through Friday after more than 118,000 L.A. County voters’ names left off rolls.

(Not going to happen)


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