Montana Governor to Sign Executive Order Requiring More Campaign Donor Transparency

Via email comes this news:

Montana Governor Steve Bullock “sign an executive order that requires disclosure of dark money spending by corporations with large government contracts. President Obama proposed a similar order at the federal level a few years ago, but left office before signing it. While most campaign finance laws focus on where money emerges—a TV ad triggering reporting requirements, for example—this order requires disclosure of money at its source.”

According to a press release:

Governor Bullock announced his decision to issue the executive order during a keynote address today at the Center for American Progress 2018 Ideas Conference. He will sign the executive order into law in Helena, Montana on Friday, June 8.

Under the executive order, government contractors who have spent over $2,500 in the past two years in elections will be required to disclose their donations. The order covers contributions to so-called “dark money” groups that are otherwise not required to disclose their donors. The executive order applies to new contracts for goods over $50,000 and new services contracts over $25,000.


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