“10 people in Colorado may have cast two ballots in 2016 election, while 38 might have also voted in another state, study says”

Denver Post:

Ten of Colorado’s nearly 3 million voters in the 2016 presidential election may have cast two ballots, while 38 of them might have voted in another state.

Those are among the findings of a study released Friday and conducted by the Colorado secretary of state’s office and four other states that uncovered 112 total instances of possible improper voting during last year’s contest.

The office said in a news release said that the states involved — including Oregon, Washington, Delaware and Maryland — stopped short of saying fraud was committed in all of the cases because further investigation could reveal administrative explanations for the questionable votes.

At the request of law enforcement, Williams said he is not releasing the names of people who may have improperly participated in the 2016 election or the counties they voted in until the investigation is complete.

Will be watching to see how many of these cases pan out. Even if they all did (they won’t), the numbers are quite small compared to the overall number of voters.
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