“Who? White House names unknowns to voting panel”

Zack Roth:

President Trump’s commission on voter fraud appears to be struggling to attract A-list talent, at least among Democrats.

The White House announced three new members of the panel late Wednesday: Mark Rhodes, the clerk for Wood County, West Virginia; David Dunn (pictured), an Arkansas lobbyist and former Democratic state lawmaker; and Luis Borunda, a deputy secretary of state for Maryland, and an appointee of Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican.

“Never heard of any of these folks,” Rick Hasen, an election law professor at the University of California, Irvine and a long-time close observer of the world of election administration, wrote on Twitter Thursday.

Of the three, only Rhodes appears to have direct experience running elections — for a county with a population of just 86,000. Borunda’s portfolio in the secretary of state’s office doesn’t include elections, according to his bio. And Dunn appears to have focused mostly on economic and tax issues.

“No disrespect but there are many significantly more qualified election practitioners from whom [to] choose, but who would likely say no,” Michelle Shafer, a senior adviser on elections technology for the Council on State Governments, wrote on Twitter.

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