Bauer on Trump Voter Fraud Commission: “election administration experts should keep their distance”

Bob Bauer, former co-chair of the last (bipartisan) Presidential Commission on Election Administration:

This means that the only hope for the Commission to attain respectability is to build a record of consultation with the respectable. And given how the Commission is organized–its leadership, the background of presidential claims, and its disingenuous plan to “enhance” the very public confidence that it is undermining –election administration experts should keep their distance. Or they will be, in a word, used. Their cooperation will allow for the Administration to pretend to have had serious bipartisan support for its work, which can be expected to result in politically charged claims and legislative and other proposals to restrict the right to vote.

One of the named Commissioners has committed to speak up if the Commission turns out to be a “Trojan horse” for delivering any such voting rights infringements. But the Trojan horse was an act of cunning, a deception. The Commission has been set up with its purposes quite openly advertised: it has been positioned within the city gates, to spare it the need to be sneaked in. The members of the community under invasion should retreat into their houses and lock their doors.

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