Why Didn’t Trump Announce All 15 (or 12?) Members of His “Voter Fraud” Commission? And Why Announce Now?

The Executive order establishing the “voter fraud” commission provides for the VP to chair and up to 15 additional members. Yet the NYT report says it will have “about a dozen” members, and so far we only know the names of Kobach, Lawson, Blackwell, Gardner, Dunlap and McCormick. That’s 6 names.

So unusual to announce the formation of a commission without saying who the members are and passing along their bios; without having a research director in place; without having infrastructure in place.

It is not as though this is a new idea. My Slate piece criticizing the idea of the commission was posted Jan. 25, just 5 days after inauguration.

So here are two theories:

  1. This was rushed today to take attention away from Comey/Russia, before everything was put in place.
  2. They’ve been trying to find more Democrats and some election professionals/academics to serve on the committee, and so far they’ve come up empty. They want to create the pretense of a fair, bipartisan commission.

I’m open to other theories including simple incompetence.

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