“Voter fraud ‘test’ could backfire”

Martin Wisckol for the OC Register:

Huntington Beach’s Chuck Burns grew concerned as he heard repeated — but mostly unsubstantiated — allegations of voter fraud last year. So once the November election was over, he decided to see how easy it was to use fake information.

He was able to register to vote as Clyde Barrow, the name inspired by the Bonnie-and-Clyde outlaw.

 “They’re not very thorough when you go to vote,” Burns said. “And last month I decided to try this and see if it would go through.”

But like the real life Barrow, Burns may soon find himself with the law on his trail.

While Burns’ “Barrow” registration did make it to the state voter rolls, his fake drivers license number was caught and he would have been required to show valid ID the first time he tried to vote under the false name.


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