Rep. Issa, Clinging to Narrow Lead as Ballots are Counted, Says Democrats Will Force Counting of Ballots from “Illegal, Unregistered Voters”

At the time of this writing, Rep. Darrell Issa leads challenger Doug Applegate for California’s 49th congressional district by about 3,700 votes. But there are still an unknown number of provisional and other ballots left to be counted.  On Friday afternoon, Rep. Issa sent out the following incendiary fundraising email:

See, I won my race by 2.2%, but there are still as many as 103,787 ballots left to count, including many provisional ballots. . . . 

Because of those lies many later voters were influenced and could bring the count to within 1%. Once the count is that close, Democrats will attempt to force the Registrars to allow thousands of illegal, unregistered voters to influence the election. We cannot let that happen.

I will not allow my consituents (sic) voices to be cancelled by those who do not have the right to vote in our elections.

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