RNC, Desperate to Try to Avoid Extension of Voter Intimidation Consent Decree, Tries to Distance from Trump

Back on August 12, I wrote:

With Trump’s dangerous and irresponsible hyperventilating about voter fraud and cheating in Pennsylvania potentially costing him the election, it is probably no surprise, as reported by theWeekly Standard, that Trump is seeking “election observers” to stop “Crooked Hillary” from “rigging this election.”

However, there’s a longstanding consent decree that bars the RNC from engaging in such activities….

I said the legal question would be whether Trump, if he is engaging in “ballot security measures” which would violate the consent decree, is acting as an agent of the RNC. If so, then the consent decree against the RNC could be extended another 8 years.

Last night MSNBC reported that the Trump campaign was hoping to work with the RNC to be on the lookout for (phantom) voter fraud, leading Republican attorney Ben Ginsberg to warn that this could put the RNC into hot water.

Well this WSJ article shows that the RNC is desperate to distance itself from Trump on this:

RNC general counsel John Ryder wrote to members on Wednesday to “remind you of the restrictions placed on the RNC by the consent decree.” …

RNC members often also serve as officers in state or local Republican parties, and are often active in their personal capacity in politics. Mr. Ryder warned that they are advised not to engage in those measures even when acting independently of their job with the party.

“You are encouraged not to engage in ‘ballot security’ activities even in your personal, state party or campaign capacity. If you elect to do so, please be aware that the RNC in no way sanctions your activity,” Mr. Ryder wrote.

I think it is already too late for the RNC, and I’m sure Democrats are collecting the evidence they need to in order to go back into court to extend this another 8 years.

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