My Academic Articles 2011-2012

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Fixing Washington, 126 Harvard Law Review 550 (2012)

What to Expect When You’re Electing: Federal Courts and the Political Thicket in 2012, Federal Lawyer, (2012)

Chill Out: A Qualified Defense of Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws in the Internet Age, 27 Journal of Law and Politics 557 (2012)

Lobbying, Rent Seeking, and the Constitution, 64 Stanford Law Review 191 (2012)

Anticipatory Overrulings, Invitations, Time Bombs, and Inadvertence: How Supreme Court Justices Move the Law, 61 Emory Law Journal 779 (2012)

Teaching Bush v. Gore as History, 56 St. Louis University Law Review 665 (2012) (symposium on teaching election law)

The Supreme Court’s Shrinking Election Law Docket: A Legacy of Bush v. Gore or Fear of the Roberts Court?, 10 Election Law Journal 325 (2011)

Citizens United and the Orphaned Antidistortion Rationale, 27 Georgia State Law Review 989 (2011) (symposium on Citizens United)

The Nine Lives of Buckley v. Valeo, in First Amendment Stories, Richard Garnett and Andrew Koppelman, eds., Foundation 2011)

The Transformation of the Campaign Financing Regime for U.S. Presidential Elections, in The Funding of Political Parties (Keith Ewing, Jacob Rowbottom, and Joo-Cheong Tham, eds., Routledge 2011)

Judges as Political Regulators: Evidence and Options for Institutional Change, in Race, Reform and Regulation of the Electoral Process, (Gerken, Charles, and Kang eds., Cambridge 2011)

Citizens United and the Illusion of Coherence, 109 Michigan Law Review 581 (2011)

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