A Spruced Up Election Law Blog Sidebar

I have updated some information, removed dead links, added some new blogs and sites to the Election Law blogroll, linked to forthcoming and recent academic papers and commentaries, and otherwise eliminated some coding problems.

If you see any remaining problems, or have any suggestions for inclusions, deletions or improvements, please let me know and I’ll consider it.

Below the fold I’ve moved academic articles from 2009-2010 that I’ve moved off the Sidebar.

Thanks for reading!

Aggressive Enforcement of the Single Subject Rule, 9 Election Law Journal 399 (2010) (co-authored with John G. Matsusaka)

The Benefits of the Democracy Canon and the Virtues of Simplicity: A Reply to Professor Elmendorf, 95 Cornell Law Review 1173 (2010)

Constitutional Avoidance and Anti-Avoidance on the Roberts Court, 2009 Supreme Court Review 181 (2010)

Election Administration Reform and the New Institutionalism, California Law Review 1075 (2010) (reviewing Gerken, The Democracy Index)

You Don’t Have to Be a Structuralist to Hate the Supreme Court’s Dignitary Harm Election Law Cases, 64 University of Miami Law Review 465 (2010)

The Democracy Canon, 62 Stanford Law Review 69 (2009)

Review Essay: Assessing California’s Hybrid Democracy, 97 California Law Review 1501 (2009)

Bush v. Gore and the Lawlessness Principle: A Comment on Professor Amar, 61 Florida Law Review 979 (2009)

Introduction: Developments in Election Law, 42 Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review 565 (2009)

Book Review (reviewing Christopher P. Manfredi and Mark Rush, Judging Democracy (2008)), 124 Political Science Quarterly 213 (2009).

“Regulation of Campaign Finance,” in Vikram Amar and Mark Tushnet, Global Perspectives on Constitutional Law (Oxford University Press (2009)

More Supply, More Demand: The Changing Nature of Campaign Financing for Presidential Primary Candidates (working paper, Sept. 2008)

When ‘Legislature’ May Mean More than”Legislature’: Initiated Electoral College Reform and the Ghost of Bush v. Gore, 35 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 599 (2008) (draft available)

“Too Plain for Argument?” The Uncertain Congressional Power to Require Parties to Choose Presidential Nominees Through Direct and Equal Primaries, 102 Northwestern University Law Review 2009 (2008)

Political Equality, the Internet, and Campaign Finance Regulation, The Forum, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Art. 7 (2008)

Justice Souter: Campaign Finance Law’s Emerging Egalitarian, 1 Albany Government Law Review 169 (2008)

Beyond Incoherence: The Roberts Court’s Deregulatory Turn in FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life, 92 Minnesota Law Review 1064 (2008) (draft available)

The Untimely Death of Bush v. Gore, 60 Stanford Law Review 1 (2007)

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