Breaking: WI Voter ID Challengers File New Stay Request at #SCOTUS

This new request from the challengers to Wisconsin’s voter id law seeks a stay of the judgment on the merits issued by the 7th Circuit while the first stay request was pending before the Supreme Court. (Here is my analysis of that 7th circuit opinion). It is not clear whether this new request for a stay is necessary, but it does seem a prudent course to make sure that the new opinion does not moot the question of the propriety or the precipitous rollout of voter ID in Wisconsin just weeks before the election (a separate question from whether Wisconsin voter id is legal if rolled out in an orderly and reasonable way).

The challengers late last night also filed this reply [corrected link] to Wisconsin’s opposition to the original stay request.

Whether the new request will delay a ruling on the first stay request is not clear. Already I would have expected a Court ruling in at least the North Carolina case.

A ruling on NC and the two WI requests could come at any time, although Justice Kagan could ask WI to reply to the new request.

Stay tuned.

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