Supreme Court Denies Emergency Action in Texas Voter Registration Rule Appeal; 5th Circuit Issues Opinion Explaining Action

The following press release arrived via email:

Project Vote Continues to Fight for Texas Voters

Earlier this month, Project Vote filed an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the justices to intervene and prevent the state from enforcing laws that place undue burdens on voter registration drive. Yesterday, the court denied the emergency appeal.

Project Vote Executive Director Michael Slater made the following statement in response:

“We are disappointed that the Supreme Court has denied our emergency appeal, but we are unsurprised that they chose not to weigh in this close to a national election.

“The most important issue is that several million Texans are still not registered to vote. Texas law should make it easier, not harder, for community members to help one another to register.

“Americans have been fighting for fair access to the ballot box since the birth of our democracy.  Project Vote will continue to fight these burdensome Texas laws in court and we look forward to having a full hearing at the Fifth Circuit later this year. We are optimistic that, ultimately, these restrictions will be stuck down as they have been in other courts around the nation.”

Richard Winger links to and explains part of the 5th Circuit’s new opinion explaining its earlier order.

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