5th Edition of Election Law–Cases and Materials Off to Publisher

Dan Tokaji and I are thrilled to have sent off the files for the 5th edition of Lowenstein, Hasen, and Tokaji, Election Law–Cases and Materials,  to the publisher today for typesetting.

It, and a revamped teacher’s manual, will be ready for fall classes. (Information on how instructors can get an advanced copy of the proofs for the casebook, or the proofs for the soon-to-be-published The Voting Wars, is available here.)

Here’s a brief description of what’s new for the 5th edition: “The new streamlined and student-friendly Fifth Edition of Election Law: Cases and Materials fully covers developments in election law in the 2012 election season including; extensive coverage of Citizens United, super PACs, and other campaign finance developments; emerging issues in voting rights and redistricting, including coverage of the Texas redistricting and voter identification cases; and new coverage of issues in judicial elections. It will continue to include perspectives from law and political science, and is appropriate in both law and political science courses. The extensive campaign finance coverage makes the book appropriate for a campaign finance seminar as well. For the first time, an electronic version of the casebook will be available as well.”

One thing new in the teacher’s manual: model syllabi for a variety of course emphases, including a general election law course, a campaign finance course, and an election administration course.


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