“Repeal Of Contentious Election Law Heads To Gov.”

The latest from Ohio.

MORE: “Congressional Democrats bash voting law as state lawmakers eye appeal” and

Senate hearing in downtown Cleveland to discuss voting rights and State Bill 194

A snippet from the last article:

Although he did not present examples, Lake County Republican Party Representative Dale Fellows said there are several instances of voter fraud.

“If we were to talk to pretty much most counties in the state you’ll have some kind of situation that may have occurred,” Fellows said.

According to him, the weekend before an election is too taxing on workers, which can lead to more mistakes.

“They will tell you that the weekend before the election is one that is so frenzied and occupies them with detail of deploying voting machines and setting up the process, so that it’s done in an absolutely flawless manner. And they would prefer to have those three days to make sure Election Day is run without any difficult,” Fellows said.


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