Thinking About Teaching a Law or Political Science Course on Election Law During the Fall 2012 Semester? Read On

[Bumping to the front now that I turned in my final corrections to Yale University Press today for The Voting Wars [whew!]]

Teaching election law during the fall of a presidential election year is a real treat (I remember teaching it during Florida 2000, which was thrilling).  I strongly recommend doing so.

If you are teaching the course, you should know of two books which will be available in time for those with a fall class: (1) the Fifth Edition of Election Law-Cases and Materials by Lowenstein, Hasen and Tokaji, and (2) The Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown (forthcoming, Yale University Press).

Dan Tokaji and I are hard at work on the 5th edition of the Election Law casebook.  We are working to streamline the book and make it more student-friendly, cutting back on some of the notes and rearranging the material for ease of teaching.  The book will be up-to-date, including extensive coverage of Citizens United, super PACs, and other campaign finance developments (the book would be suitable for a seminar on campaign finance) as well as new developments in voting rights and redistricting, including coverage of the Texas redistricting cases. There will be expanded coverage of judicial elections.  It will continue to include perspectives from law and political science, and is appropriate in both law and political science courses.  For the first time, an electronic version of the casebook will be available as well.

My book The Voting Wars will also be available.  Several political scientists are already assigning my draft manuscript this term.  This is a book written for a non-technical audience, which uses stories to tell of the battles over election administration over the last dozen years, including issues such as voter fraud, voter suppression, voter identification, voting technology, and to explain how the rise of social media is changing the face of election disputes. This book will be available for the Kindle and in other electronic formats as well.

If you need advanced copies of either book, let me know and I will put you in touch with the right publisher’s representative.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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