More on 9th Circuit Gonzalez v. Arizona Opinion

Following up on this post, Howard has this news roundup. One knowledgeable reader questioned my suggestion in the last post that the federal form could be used for third party voter registration efforts, suggesting that the form doesn’t seem to allow such efforts. I’d welcome other thoughts on that question.  [UPDATE: The reader is very incorrect. Section 6b of the NVRA section 1973gg-4b reads: “The chief State election official of a State shall make the forms described in subsection (a) of this section available for distribution through governmental and private entities, with particular emphasis on making them available for organized voter registration programs.” My emphasis added.]

And it is worth taking a trip down memory lane to remember that the first time the EAC seemed to divide on party lines (when there actually were EAC Commissioners) was over whether the federal form should be amended to allow for Arizona’s citizenship requirements.

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