Thank You and Happy New Year

Barring breaking legal developments (and we’ve seen an inordinate share of those in the last two weeks), posting will resume after New Year’s Day (and will be light the first week of January as I speak at AALS on Internet voting and at a panel on law blogging and argue for the City of San Diego on cross-motions for summary judgment in the Thalheimer campaign finance case).

The year ahead will be a busy one for election law, and especially for me beginning in the summer with the publication of The Voting Wars by Yale University Press.  I hope to do a mini-book tour in the fall talking about these issues before Election Day.  Also, save the date of September 14, 2012 for an exciting conference, Foxes, Henhouses, and Commissions: Assessing the Nonpartisan Model in Election Administration, Redistricting, and Campaign Finance,  at UC Irvine Law.

As the new year approaches, I want to thank my readers for their support.  Many people wonder how I am able to keep up with and report upon election law developments around the U.S. The answer is that I have many generous readers, who supply me with tips, links, and perceptive analysis which aids me greatly in the job I do here.  I could not do it without them!

I also want to thank my regular and occasional guest bloggers (especially Dan Tokaji and Justin Levitt, who regularly fill in for me when I am away) for their hard work and insightful analysis.

I also wish to thank the IT staffs first at Loyola, and now UCI, for keeping everything running smoothly.  There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work which readers do not see.  Thank you!

A happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous 2012 election law year for all!

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