Thalheimer Plaintiffs Will Not Petition for Cert. in San Diego Campaign Finance Case

In Thalheimer v. City of San Diego, the Ninth Circuit upheld the trial court’s denial of a preliminary injunction of the City’s law barring non-human contributions to candidates (the same issue as in the Danielczyk case in the 4th Circuit and the Swanson case in the 8th circuit).  The court also denied a preliminary injunction as to time limitations for candidates raising campaign contributions.  The Ninth Circuit also denied rehearing en banc.

Today plaintiffs filed this letter with the district court, indicating that they will not be seeking Supreme Court review of the denial of the preliminary injunction on these two issues.  (The preliminary injunction was granted as to two other provisions of the law.)

Any further action in this case will take place next in the district court.

[Disclosure: I am one of the attorneys representing the City of San Diego in this case.]


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