A Happy Ending Over Ohio Absentee Voter Application Flap

Ohio SOS Husted said that counties, including Cuyahoga, could not send out absentee ballot applications because to allow some counties to do so rather than others could violate the equal protection clause (a questionable interpretation of the clause, but not out of the realm of reasonable argument).  Cuyahoga was going to make an end run around this by having another part of the government pay for the mailing, leading Husted to threaten to order counties not to accept such applications.

But rather than leveling down, it looks like we have a happy level-up solution:  ALL Ohio voters will get sent such applications.

Very nice.

SOS Husted so far is proving to be more willing to compromise, and less of a partisan, than his immediate two predecessors, Ken Blackwell and Jennifer Brunner.

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