“Tony Evers weighs in on security threats facing Wisconsin elections chief Meagan Wolfe”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The focus of the story is “Trump’s decision to attack Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator Meagan Wolfe.” Some details:

“Meagan Wolfe will try and steal another election,” Trump said in an interview earlier this month with conservative radio show host Joe Giganti on “The Regular Joe Show,” which aired on Green Bay-based WTAQ. “Robin Vos should terminate Meagan Wolfe and they should put somebody in who’s going to be fair, not for the Republicans — just fair. And if they do that, we’re going to win the election by a lot in Wisconsin.”

Trump’s attack is of course baseless and reprehensible. But as long as other Republicans stand by Trump, including so-called “grown ups” like Bill Barr and Chris Sununu, it will be difficult to protect Republican voters–and thus the public as a whole–from the pernicious consequences of Trump’s irresponsible rhetoric.

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