“After fitful starts, Trump Jan. 6 investigations hurtle toward charges”

WaPo on recent developments in the federal, Georgia, and Arizona investigations, as well as this week’s charges in Michigan:

The proliferation of charges and expected charges marks the most extensive effort yet to hold accountable those who attempted to help Trump remain in office after he lost the election. And because they come as the former president makes vindication a central pillar of his 2024 campaign, experts say they will mark an extraordinary test of the nation’s criminal justice system and political institutions.

“I think we are in as precarious a situation as we’ve ever been,” said Republican attorney Benjamin Ginsberg. “I don’t know what the chances are of things really going off the rails, but no question that there is a toxic mix unprecedented in the American experiment.”

The wide-ranging probes come at one of the most polarized times in modern U.S. history, and voters are responding in partisan ways. Trump’s detractors are cheering the prospect of a potential wave of prosecutions after wondering for years if they would ever come. His backers see the developments as the clearest sign yet that his opponents — a group they say includes government institutions such as the Justice Department and FBI — will use every tool available to sink Trump’s campaign.

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