“Trump’s Legal Woes Mount as Trial Dates and Campaign Calendar Collide”


Generally, criminal defendants must be present in the courtroom during their trials. Not only will that force Mr. Trump to step away from the campaign trail, possibly for weeks at a time, but the judges overseeing his trials must also jostle for position in sequencing dates. The collision course is raising extraordinary — and unprecedented — questions about the logistical, legal and political challenges of various trials unfolding against the backdrop of a presidential campaign….

More broadly, the complications make plain another reality: Mr. Trump’s troubles are entangling the campaign with the courts to a degree the nation has never experienced before and raising tensions around the ideal of keeping the justice system separate from politics.

Mr. Trump and his allies have signaled that they intend to try to turn his overlapping legal woes into a referendum on the criminal justice system, by seeking to cast it as a politically weaponized tool of Democrats.

In related news, the NYT has this story on the potential charges laid out in the target letter from special counsel Jack Smith. They include 18 U.S.C. 241, a statute originally enacted “after the Civil War to provide a tool for federal agents to go after Southern whites, including Ku Klux Klan members” and now “used more broadly, including in cases of voting fraud conspiracies.”

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