Eastman Whines About Court’s Ruling in Moore v. Harper

Jess Bravin for WSJ:

John Eastman, a former law professor who advised former President Donald Trump on resisting the 2020 election results, filed a brief for the Claremont Institute backing the GOP position. On Tuesday, he criticized Roberts’s opinion, saying state courts that apply “often vague prescriptions…for ‘free and fair elections’ will be able to modify any state election law that, in [their] view, doesn’t pass that vague requirement, thus transferring the power the Constitution clearly assigns to the state legislature to the state judiciary.”

Eastman is facing disbarment proceedings in California over his efforts to replace Democratic electors in states President Biden won in 2020 with would-be Trump electors, citing legal theories that legislatures could override the voters’ choice. He has argued that he is entitled to pursue legal theories until they are rejected in court.

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