The Impact of Missouri’s New Voting Law

From KQTV in St. Joseph, on the bill signed last month.

HB 1878 was signed by Governor Parsons just over three weeks ago, but concerns for voter accessibility continue to grow. 

The bill introduced many procedure changes for Missouri elections that will go into effect as early as August 28th.

The elimination of mail-in ballots in just one of these changes that could prevent eligible Missouri voters from doing their civic duty of participating in elections….

Along with the elimination of mail-in ballots, another area of concern within the bill in regards to accessibility is the addition of a photo ID requirement.

“In the November general election, you will have to present a government-issued photo ID instead of [something like] a bank statement or utility bill, or just your voter ID card. You actually now have a specific voter photo ID.” says Luke Campbell, Associate Professor of Political Science at NWMSU.

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