“We have reached the apex of election-fraud debunking”

Philip Bump in WaPo, on the report issued yesterday by eight prominent conservatives, including Ted Olson, Ben Ginsberg, Michael McConnell, and Judge Luttig:

[M]illions of people believe that the election was stolen. So how might they be dissuaded? Perhaps a robust articulation of all of the claims about fraud that have been raised to date? A delineation of the dozens of lawsuits filed in the wake of the election and how they were adjudicated? An explanation of specific clusters of claims, such as the “audit” of votes in Arizona?

The source for any such analysis, of course, would need to be some entity of unimpeachable agnosticism toward Trump. A group of Republicans, for example, willing to consider the claims made by Trump and his allies and assess them objectively. Anything less, after all, would be trivial to cast as inherently biased.

On Thursday, an analysis that checked nearly all of those boxes emerged. A group of Republican staffers and officials with robust partisan credentials released a 70-plus-page report walking through precisely the considerations above: the lawsuits, the evidence, the audits. Its conclusion is as unsparing as it is unsurprising.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly listed Mitch rather than Michael McConnell as a co-author of the report. My bad!

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