Eastman sought a pardon

A theme of today’s hearing was Eastman’s own recognition of just how wrong his proposal was for Pence to subvert the Electoral College outcome. Details included not just the pardon he requested, but his confession to Greg Jacob–according to Jacob’s testimony–that he wouldn’t want Al Gore or Kamala Harris to have the same power. It was nothing more than pure partisan hypocrisy, and Eastman apparently acknowledged to Jacob that his theory would lose 9-0 in the Supreme Court. All in service of a predicate claim about a “stolen election” in the states that, as Bill Barr and others testified on Monday, was pure nonsense. It is simply astonishing how far removed from any sense of principle, legitimacy, or moral compass Eastman became. Was the worst moment when Eastman was told that his plan would cause violence in the streets and he was still undeterred?

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