“Far-Right Republicans Press Closer to Power Over Future Elections”

Following yesterday’s Washington Post piece along the same lines, the New York Times has an analysis of the extent to which election denialists have won GOP primaries. Jim Marchant’s apparent victory in yesterday’s Republican primary for Nevada’s Secretary of State (called by AP with 80% of the votes counted) is the new leading example.

The Times has further analysis on yesterday’s primaries with this headline: “G.O.P. primary victories in Nevada set the stage for Trump-centered battles in the fall.” A couple of quotes:

“The South Carolina contests had their own dynamics — Mr. Rice was defiant and contemptuous of Mr. Trump to the end, while Ms. Mace tried hard to regain the good graces of Trump administration officials if not Mr. Trump himself. The outcomes of both races could hold deep meaning to the party as it considers whether to renominate the former president for another White House run.”

“But it was Mr. Marchant, a former state assemblyman, who worries many Democrats the most. … As it has been in the past several elections, Nevada promises to be a battleground in the 2024 presidential campaign, and the person running the election will either be Mr. Marchant or Cisco Aguilar, a Democrat and former aide to the late Senate majority leader Harry Reid.”

Also, these 5 takeaways. And Politico has its own 5 takeaways.

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