“New Jersey Centrists Seek to Legalize Their Dream: The Moderate Party”

In The NY Times, Blake Hounshell reports on the efforts of a new political party, the Moderate Party, to get rid of New Jersey’s anti-fusion law.

From the article:

“The party’s goal is to give centrist voters more of a voice at a time when, the group’s founders say, America’s two major parties have drifted toward the political fringes. But unlike traditional third parties, the Moderate Party hopes to nudge the Democratic and Republican Parties toward the center, not replace or compete with them.”

The Moderate Party nominated Tom Malinowski as its candidate for the New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District. Mr. Malinowski, a Democrat, is also the Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress. If the Moderate Party’s petition is denied, as expected, it will challenge the anti-fusion prohibition.

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