“Biden Approval Slumps to New Low as Republicans Gain Clear Advantage for Midterms”


“Even as Biden’s approval rating keeps slumping, Americans give high ratings to his key policy initiatives with 63 percent expressing support for the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by Congress. A clear majority—58 percent—also back the almost $2 trillion social spending bill that is still being considered by lawmakers. But the president doesn’t get much credit. And, in fact, voters seem to be looking toward Republican candidates. If midterm elections were held today, 51 percent of registered voters said they would support the Republican candidate with 41 percent saying they would back the Democrat. 

The poll also highlights that Americans are quite pessimistic with 70 percent saying the economy is in bad shape, a sharp increase from 58 percent in the spring. Around half of Americans blame Biden for inflation and his approval rating on the economy is down six points since September to 39 percent.”

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