“Republicans Set to Block Voting Bill Again, Raising Stakes on Filibuster”


Senate Republicans were expected again on Wednesday to block action on voting rights legislation, intensifying calls by activists and lawmakers for Democrats to finally do away with the filibuster or find themselves at a steep disadvantage in next year’s midterm elections and into the future.

For the third time this year, Republicans were poised to use the procedural weapon to thwart an attempt by Democrats to ensure access to the ballot box and counteract a raft of G.O.P.-written state laws around the country imposing new election restrictions.

Anticipating the move, President Biden, who has been criticized by progressives for not being aggressive enough on voting rights, reached out on Monday to Senate Democrats to express his support for what the White House described as a “must-pass priority.”

And at least one Democrat who had previously been reluctant to alter filibuster rules said he was ready to do so when it came to the voting measure.

“When we are talking about the fundamental operation of democracy, I have to think a Senate rule will have to be modified or give way,” said Senator Angus King, the Maine independent, saying that he would back changes to the filibuster rule if needed to pass the bill.

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