UCI Law Virtual Event October 27: “Disinformation in American Elections Part II: Legal Scholars”

I’m really looking forward to this virtual event (free registration required):

Fair Elections and Free Speech Center | Disinformation in American Elections Part II: Legal Scholars

 Wednesday, October 27 at 12:15pm to 1:15pm Pacific time

Virtual Event

Countering the Risk of Disinformation in American Elections: How Big a Problem Is It and What Should Be Done?

This three-part online lunch series hosted by the Fair Elections and Free Speech Center at UCI Law explores the risk of disinformation in American elections, spread through social media and otherwise, and how to counter it.

This session, Part II of the series, brings together leading legal scholars who study how law shapes the ability to counter disinformation in elections, and addresses how the U.S. Constitution’s protection of free speech and association in the First Amendment may constrain potential solutions.

Speakers include:

Danielle Citron (U Va)
Spencer Overton (GW and the Joint Center)
Nate Persily (Stanford)

Moderated by Rick Hasen of UCI Law

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