“Stinging Postscript To Arizona ‘Audit’ Exposes Ballot Recount As Inaccurate And Incomplete”

Steven Rosenfeld:

The election audit contract that Arizona’s state Senate leaders signed with the Cyber Ninjas last March never specified that the pro-Trump firm would produce a report that included a definitive recount of the votes in 2020’s presidential race. And as revealed by a close examination of the most detailed data released from the Senate review so far, the Cyber Ninja recount is incomplete, inaccurate, and far from definitive.

The Cyber Ninja document containing the most detailed vote-count data, “Arizona Senate Maricopa County Election Audit: Machine Paper Ballot Count Report, was prepared by Randall Pullen, former Arizona Republican Party chair and a former partner with Deloitte & Touche, a nationwide accounting firm. But an October 1 analysis by a bipartisan team of retired election auditors found the data set in Pullen’s report does not account for one-third of the ballots that were hand-counted by the Cyber Ninjas. Moreover, a line-by-line comparison of the data in Pullen’ report with Maricopa County’s official records shows that nearly half of the figures are missing or wrong.

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