“Schumer’s false claim that no Democrats supported new voting restrictions”

WaPo fact checker:

We just fact-checked three of the Republican governors —in Arizona, Florida and Georgia — who signed restrictive voting laws, finding that some of their comments about those laws are misleading.

Here, what got us fact-checking was Schumer’s claim that none of these laws “passed with bipartisan support, not one.”

In five of the states Schumer listed, the new voting measures he is referring to did pass with bipartisan support. For example, in Kentucky, a Democratic governor signed a Republican bill into law. In Oklahoma, a GOP-led measure also had Democratic sponsors in the legislature.

When we reached out to Schumer’s staff, we were told quickly that he misspoke in his floor speech and that he would be correcting his remarks for the congressional record. (Update, June 18: The corrected remarks now appear in the congressional record.)

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