“The three words that can avert an election nightmare”

CNN has published this op-ed of mine on what voters can do at this point to minimize the risk of an election meltdown. My contract with them permits me to offer only this very brief excerpt, so take a look at the piece if you want a better understanding of the argument:

The most important thing most voters need to know for this fall’s election can be expressed in three words: Vote in person. . . . . No doubt that will sound surprising, after all the fights to expand mail-in and absentee ballot options. Yet no action is more critical to avoiding an election nightmare.

Like every aspect of this year’s election, the way people plan to vote has become politicized and polarized. …

We need to cut through that politicization to be clear-eyed about the … risk that [arises] if the election outcome turn[s] on millions of absentee ballots that cannot be counted until after Election Night.  …

Voting in person is the single most effective action voters can take to reduce the risk of election turmoil. [T]he difference between 35% and 60% of the vote being cast absentee could be the difference between an outcome broadly accepted as legitimate and one that portions of the country never accepts.


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