“Mismatched signatures prompt tossed absentee ballots and legal fights ahead of November election”


Legal fights over absentee votes aren’t a new phenomenon, but they’ve taken on a newfound importance because of the surge in requests for mail-in ballots and states expanding access to vote-by-mail and, in some cases, conducting elections almost entirely by mail for the first time….

The expanded mail-in voting has also led to more ballots being rejected — with signature problems a key factor.

“You’re much more likely to have your vote counted if you cast it in person. But for some people, that’s not a safe option in November,” said election law expert Rick Hasen, a professor at the University of California, Irvine and a CNN analyst.

“Ordinarily, if you’re going to roll out mail-in balloting on a large scale, you do a big voter education effort,” Hasen added. “But there’s not really time for that or resources for that because of the pandemic.”


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