Partial Rebound in Summer Voter Registration Numbers After Big Dip

Center for Election Innovation and Research:

Seven jurisdictions CEIR was able to review (Colorado, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia) each reported lower registration rates for May 2020 than May 2016. Since June of this year, there has been more variation between the states in our dataset. For a full five months—from March through July of this year—new voter registration totals in Georgia have been lower than those of 2016. Among the states mentioned above, only Texas showed more new voter registrations for the months of June and July 2020 than those of 2016. Most states fell somewhere in between Georgia’s persistent slump and Texas’ apparent recovery. 

Despite the slight month-to-month upticks mentioned above, the cumulative decline in new voter registrations persists. Colorado, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia also showed lower cumulative new voter registration totals for January through June of 2020 than during the first six months of 2016. Together, these seven jurisdictions registered 329,756 fewer voters in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2016.


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